Quema el Sol (EP 2011)

by Invitado de Piedra

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Space Cadet These guys have so much more to offer. Just make sure you meet a pure diamond as it is, combining melodies that get stuck in your brain, killer vocals, tons of heavy fuzz outburst, rather dark atmosphere, both lyrically and musically, and catchy lyrics in Spanish. Being an absolute favorite, 9-minute long masterpiece Quema el sol delivers a detonating mixture of rapture and growing sence of despair, with its words about the way to the sun wich might be your last one. Favorite track: Quema el Sol.
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"Hot as the Burning Sun

Four piece stoner doom band Invitado de Piedra put out their first release December 2011. “Quema el Sol” - an Ep of four songs.

The songs have a psychedelic bluesy doom groove played with a laid back attitude you would call “cool” if it wasn’t so hot - hot as the desert sun. Since, despite all calmness, they all have an intriguing tension due to tight songwriting, virtuoso play and lots of heavy fuzzy riffs that melt even the desert sand into a viscous substance.

All songs are sung in Spanish, which is an extra bonus to me (I must admit I hardly understand a word though), I simply appreciate the different sounds of different languages, all the more when it emphasizes the images the music creates. With “Quema el Sol” this works out perfectly." - Ulla Roschat -


"Invitado de Piedra play a heavy blend of Stoner Metal with elements of Doom Metal and Fuzz Rock. They released their excellent album – Quema El Sol in Nov 2011 which is a 4 song 33 minute blast of high octane Stoner Metal riffs.

Taking influence from KYUSS, Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard to provide a groovy psychedelic ride into the world of Stoner Metal.

It’s expertly produced and played by all involved. The riffs come thick and fast with a lot of distortion to match as well.

This album just flat out rocks from start to finish and showcases another brilliant band to look out for from South America. Invitado De Piedra follow other great bands from South America such as Banda De La Muerte, Cultura Tres and At Devil Dirt.

The 4 tracks on show are just brilliant examples of loud and heavy Stoner Metal done to perfection They mix elements of Doom, Desert Rock and Fuzz Rock to highly original effect.

The album has 2 amazing epic 9 minute tracks for you to blow your world apart – Quema el Sol and Caer es Volar.

All the vocals are sang in the band’s native language but adds a great layer of coolness to proceedings.

This is one of the coolest Stoner Metal releases I have heard this year. The songs are brilliantly put together and has more riffs you can ever dream of.

Just sit back, put volume upto 11, press play and relax with the great vibes of this brilliant band. An album you can chill out to anytime of year that will leave you with a cool warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Brilliant Stuff from another great band to look out for.

You can download this excellent album for free from BandCamp right now. So if you want a great Stoner Metal band to check out with great distorted riffs as well .You can’t go wrong here. Amazing.

Highly Recommended." - THE SLUDGELORD -


"“The Sun Burns” would be the English title of the debut EP of Chileans INVITADO DE PIEDRA who take their first steps in the genre of psychedelic Stoner/Doom Rock, but it seems that staying with the Spanish title, “Quema El Sol”, fits to these guys’ tunes like a glove. So, what INVITADO DE PIEDRA are able for?

To give you some great time, of course, with some really cool melodies, tons of psychedelia, lots of illusions and a hell of a ride in the centre of Earth where things are boiling hot! I don’t care if you are not familiar to this latin-driven language or if you don’t like your music-dish being extraneous, “Quema El Sol” definitely deserves your undivided attention and it won’t disappoint you. Let me put it in other words: if THE DOORS had had so much dope, being totally unable to move from their seats, while they were born in South US instead of Venice Beach of California and they spoke Spanish in 2012, then they would be sounded like these guys. The first notes of “Mendigo” will convince you that I’m so right, while the self-titled track emerges to the absolute king of the EP, being so kao-tic and well-constructed at the same time. Colorful melodies, a well-crafted production and lots of stoner-laden atmosphere are lying here, waiting for a new Salma Hayek and her snake dance.

What are you waiting for? Visit now the band’s bandcamp page to feel the real thing and prove to yourselves that the holy land of South America is blessed with inspiration, being years ahead of their time. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Cheers!" - metalkaoz.com -


released December 25, 2011




Invitado de Piedra Región Metropolitana, Chile

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Track Name: Mendigo
Lejos en la distancia
Se escucha el aire
El último respiro
De la brisa letal

La paz de ayer

Rompe la espina la piel
Enterrada en el cuerpo
y en la sonrisa fatal

La paz de ayer

Antes que la espina
Toque el frío viento
Y no quede aire.
Track Name: Quema el Sol
Camino al sol
En la noche invernal
Puede ser mi último viaje
Hacia donde quema la piel

Quema el sol
Con su fuego de jazmín

Camino al sol
Y el infierno estará
Esperando que me quede ahí
Con mi pena de no poder volver

Quema el sol
Con su fuego de jazmín.
Track Name: Antes que la Muerte
Viajo bajo el frío
LLevando prisa
Para llegar a tiempo
Antes que la muerte,
Antes que la muerte

El vino quita la sed
Del viaje eterno
Acortando distancias
Atrasando la muerte,
Atrasando la muerte.
Track Name: Caer es Volar
En la escalera voy bajando
Al recuerdo del día
En que quise subir al cielo
Sin paracaídas

Caer es volar
Cuando caes bien

Los pies marcados en el suelo
Me recuerdan que estuve aquí
Antes de subir al cielo
Sin paracaídas

Caer es volar
Cuando caes bien